Bed and Breakfast Rooms

Welcome to A Cat's View Bed and Breakfast!  We are pleased to offer the finest in feline boarding.

         As you enter the "spa guest only" part of the hospital, you may notice a bird or two flitting about in its cage, or the dual flat screen TV's featuring the all day small feathered or furry creature channel, created specifically to interest  your cat.
         The condos do not have bars on them, but clear glass for an  unobstructed view. You probably won't notice the pheromones infusing the air with welcoming chemical messages that your cat will surely notice.  An individual ventilation system is installed to move air out the back of the building to keep each condo with its own clean air.

  The condos can be chosen as a "single", which actually has 3 separate levels, or a "double" which houses up to 2 cats and has a pass through portal for a total of 6 floor spaces and more room to spread out and roam. Some of the suites have an in-wall fish tank for your cat's entertainment. All accommodations include a warm fuzzy bed, meals, and toys and treats.



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