A Cat's View Veterinary
Well Cat Exam Room
The well cat exam room is especially suited to the cat that may have misconceptions about a trip to the veterinarian. Though fully functional as an exam room, it simply does not look or feel like you are in a veterinary hospital.
The lighting is more subtle, and the examination table is an elegant granite countertop over curved  cherry cabintery. A chandelier in the center of the room provides diffuse lighting, with an additional lighting directly over the table. Additional portable high intensity lighting is brought in as needed.
The emphasis is on comfort and reducing stress...for your cat, too.
The rounded sofa seat  provides the comfort of home, while swiveling to provide viewing of all areas of the room. This is a perfect spot to cuddle with your kitty while waiting for the results of an in-house diagnostic test, or you can place her up on the table to watch or play with the fish in the aquarium centered over the exam table. 
  If your cat is staying with us in the hospital, this room also provides a private peaceful setting for visitations.
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