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Front Examination Room
You will be invited to come in and set your cat carrier on the exam table. From within his carrier, he can smell the pheromones diffused within the room and see the fish swimming in the in-wall aquarium.
Pheromones are constantly diffused within the room and were also sprayed on the exam table prior to his entry, after the table and surrounding area was thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant. Pheromones are chemicals sensed by your cat's vomeronasal organ. These particular pheromones say " I love you" in a way only a cat can understand and are similar to those he sensed as a kitten, nursing on his mom. They help to ease your cat's tension upon being in an unfamiliar situation.
The in-wall aquarium was custom built to span the width of the exam table and was placed at a comfortable height for your cat to see the fish swimming directly in front of him as he walks from his carrier. As he approaches the tank for a better look, he sees the fish dart about and he will probably automatically step on the portable highly sensitive digital scale. The doctor or technician offers him catnip either as dried herbs or in the form of a catnip toy. If your child is with you, (s) he is invited to choose a catnip toy from a selection in colorful pots on the granite counter top across from the exam table. As he becomes more comfortable, the high intensity examination light may be turned on, and a variety of diagnostic tools will be gently introduced to minimize stress to your cat, while providing diagnostic clarity
Front Examination Room
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