A Cat's View Veterinary
Hospital Suites
The hospital suites are all new and state of the art. There are no cage bars on any of the hospital suites or condos. The front is clear glass and each is ventilated separately into one of three air duct systems and out the back of the building. The fiberglass lined suites with drainage wells provide ease of disinfection and prevent possibility of transfer of liquid from one suite to another. Strict disinfection protocols are in place.
Maximal comfort and minimal stress during the hospital stay is emphasized to optimize healing. Each suite has a comfy round chenille bed. Some suites have an aquarium with plants and fish to keep your cat company.  A curtain is placed over the front of the suite if your cat prefers solace. Each suite has its own fan and light. When appropriate, toys, balls, catnip and feathers are added to amuse your cat. Special diets are provided, tailored to the individual needs of your cat, on colorful human-grade dishes. We encourage you to also leave an article of clothing or towel with smells from home to help maximize his or her comfort. Of course, each suite is infused with pheromones to increase his or her comfort and sense of peace as well.

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