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Medical History - Diarrhea Form

Using this medical history form will speed up the process of diagnosing and treatmenting your cat.  When you submit information online it goes directly to our office where Dr. Nancy can review it and prepare for your cat's appointment.

Number of cats in household with diarrhea?
Patient Age:
Where obtained cat?
When did the diarrhea begin? Days, weeks, months, years ago?
Has the diarrhea ever resolved and then begun again?
Frequency: How many times per day, per week?
Volume: is the diarrhea in large amounts or is it small amounts?
Describe your cat's complete diet, including and treats:
List and supplements or medications either currently or in the past for diarrhea. Is your cat on any medications or supplements for other conditions?
Number of cats in the household? 
Number of cats in household with diarrhea?:
Other pets in household?::
Please describe the diarrhea: Blood? Mucus? Color?
Is the consistency more like soup? Pudding?:
Is the diarrhea within the cat box, is it ever outside the cat box?:
Have you noticed any weight loss? :

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